DaaS is a complete, flexible solution that offers customers software, hardware, managed services, and device lifecycle services all at once.


It works like a mobile phone contract: instead of facing a large upfront cost, customers transition from a CAPEX expenditure to a more manageable OPEX spend, paying a predictable amount each month for access to the latest devices and support.


At the end of the device lifecycle, they simply return the hardware and upgrade to more recent models. 

DaaS Introduction
Daas Introduction
Common Mistakes Selling DaaS
Who's a Good Fit for (DaaS)?
Handling DaaS Objections
Selling DaaS Training

Once this material has been reviewed, contact your supervisor in order to arrange training directly from Synnex.  Said training may be requested only one per new Consortium Member and separated by at least one month in-between Synnex presentations.  

We also want to run some mock sales scenarios including objections rebuttal and closing techniques.    

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